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Re: Halogen Egg "Lites"

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Mike G. wrote:
> Was doing some surfing the other day and ran across these curious little
> submersible halogen lites at www.newlite.com and wanted to pass it along to
> the list.  For those hurting on lighting and especially those who have
> trouble getting to the bottom because of dense growth or what have you,
> these may be useful.  I know there alot of ingenious people on the list and
> if this helps one person solve a problem then I've done my job.

My favorite local shop was selling submersible halogen lights quite a
while back, though maybe not the same design you're writing about.  They
looked to me like an interesting way to accent a special plant or an
attractive niche in an aquarium, so I asked the (honest, experienced)
sales person about them and she said they generated too much heat for
regular use.

Roger Miller