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Re: K2SO4 - NO3 relationship

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Kelly Beard wrote:
> I've read numerous times here about folks adding K2SO4 to reduce 
> nitrates.  How does this work?  In all of my adventures at The Krib, 
> I've never run across this (not that it isn't there).  I don't 
> understand the relationship.

There is no direct relationship that I know of.  Most probably the people
adding K2SO4 to reduce nitrate levels are already using KNO3 as a source
for potassium and nitrate.  They switch to K2SO4 to supplement potassium
and get lower nitrate levels as a result of not adding any.

I can think of one other chemically possible (but unlikely) mechanism.  
An aquarium could have high nitrate levels because potassium is
growth-limiting.  It would be possible to add potassium with K2SO4, which
might (or might not) make nitrogen growth limiting.  If that happened then
the nitrate concentrations would drop.

Roger Miller