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Re: NO3 rising

<<Today my NO3 was measured at 10ppm. Plan to take these corrective
actions but need some suggestion before doing it....>>

10 ppm NO3 is fine, even desireable.  I keep mine between 10 and 20 ppm with
no algae problems at all.  When the nitrate levels drop to undetectible, I
start to see various algaes kick in.  It sounds like you may have a potassium
deficiency.  Your additions of potassium are a good idea.  I'd keep up the
PMDD, add some extra potassium, as you are doing, and watch the results from
week to week.  Make changes slowly and patiently.  Fast growing plants like
hygro show deficiencies first and recover the quickest.

William Cwirla
Hacienda Heights, CA