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Re: Flourite and Magnetism

Susan Jorgeson wrote, re: fluorite and magnetism
>I discovered (the hard way) a good amount of magnetic particles in the sand
>that I use in my tank.  I use(d) one of those magnetic scrapers and must
>gone too near the bottom, which allowed the "filings" to jump onto the
>I store the 2 parts magnetized together, and when I used it the next time,
>particles from the scraper had stuck to the magnet that's used on the
>of the tank......scraaaaatcchh!!  ooh- ouch!  Needless to say-*no* more

Don't know if it's true or not, but I've been told that keeping the two
parts of a magnetic scraper together will weaken the magnetic attraction.
Since it's just as easy to keep them separate, I took it as gospel... and
besides, that way the 'outside' part of the magnet doesn't get gunked up
with algae bits.

I used a magnetic scraper for a while, and eventually it got so clogged up
with tiny little Flourite particles that it doesn't scrape any longer.
Picking at it, to remove the little bits, only damages it further.  I've
ditched the magnetic idea, in favor of the small blue-and-red rubber scraper
that looks like a razor blade, but is plastic?  I don't remember who makes
it, but it's pretty cool.  It works... really well.  And if I don't feel
like getting soaked, I use those long-armed rubber gloves (although they get
frustrating when I'm trying to replant, or do anything else that requires
some dexterity).

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland