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RE: fertilizers

Daniel Boyer asks about using terresterial fertilizers in aquariums...

>The first is a liquid (water based) fertalizer which states the following
>the lable:


No need to list the contents again - this stuff is designed for evergreens
and azaleas, and other "acid loving" plants. It was NOT designed for
aquariums. Way too much Copper, for one thing...

>(It is labled as a "soil acidifier" BTW.)

What would make you think that you need a "soil acidifier" in your
aquarium's substrate?

>The other product is a solid fertalizer that would be placed in the
>substrate, near the roots.  It reads as follows:

>Total Nitrogen (N)......30.0%


Oh my God! My guess is that if I was growing alfalfa, this stuff might be
great, but an aquarium fertilizer should not have 30% Nitrogen. You do have
fish in your tank, don't you?

If you are looking for fertilizers for your aquarium, I'd recommend that you
try one or more of the following:

Duplaplant / Duplaplant 24 from Dupla
Flourish / Flourish Iron / Flourish Potassium from Seachem
Floreal / Ferreal from Aqualine Buschke
Tropica Mastergrow from Tropica
PMDD - mix your own (chemicals available from Homegrown Hydroponics)

Your aquarium is NOT a vegetable garden, nor is it a perennial border.
Products designed for  aquariums are NOT outrageously priced all of the time
and they will work better in aquatic environments than those designed for
use on land.

James Purchase