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Re: salt test kit

I got  five pond plants, names unknown, at the monthly auction at the Tampa
Bay Aquarium Society and water sprite.  JiM C.

"H. Hoekstra" wrote:

> >Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. puts out a salt test kit.  It's under
> >their Pond Care line, product no. 163.  I use it and feel it it's good
> >for my everyday every tank needs.  I have a goldfish tank, and a small
> >koi pond and four brackish tanks with different salt % needs, and the
> >kit helps keep a piece of mind about salt use.  Also I have plants in
> >all of these set-ups too.  JiM C.
> Thanks Jim. Do you know their website, I might want to order it as I
> also keep some koi which like to have some salt in the water and I like
> to keep track of the salt levels when changing water.
> BTW which plants do you use with your koi?
> Best regards,
> Hugo Hoekstra