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Re: catching otos

I've used this technique for catching fish in a planted tank when I didn't
want to have to replant the place.

Get a clear plastic tub like the ones available in grocery stores or
supermarkets salad bars.  They are available in various sizes.  Get the one
that holds about a liter/quart.

The fish can't see them.  Hold it in the tank and slowly move towards the
oto.  If the fish is on the glass the job is very easy.  Trap the fish
against the glass.  Then lightly tap on the glass and the oto will swim away
from you and further into the tub.  Depending on your manual dexterity,
either lift it all quickly out of the tank, or slide the lid between the
glass and tub so you have the oto closed inside.

You have to be patient and slow so the fish does not realize that something
is going on.  Works like a charm.

G. Kadar