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Re:"Daniel Wiznia" substrate, plants, gravel

Your tank mirrors my earliest setups. However, don't use osmocote 14-14-14
the Phosphates will bury you in algae soup! Use the 13-4-10 instead. Never
use the Jobes bare in the aquarium, roll them in Mexican potter's clay to
slow down the rate nutrients leach into the substrate.


>From: "Daniel Wiznia" <danielwiznia at hotmail_com>
>Subject: substrate, plants, gravel
>     I have decided to use a mix of vermiculite and garden soil for the 
>bottom layer of my aquarium.  Maybe 3 inches.  Then, I will have a layer 
>of sand.  I found the osmacote 14-14-14, and it seems as though this 
>will be very good to use.  I have heard of Jobe spikes, but are they 
>safe for the aquarium?  I am planning on having a few rocks, so I went 
>rock hunting. I found several rocks that I want to use for the aquarium.  
>How can one be sure whether to use them or not, will they be safe?  Do 
>the rocks have to be prepared?  I remember something being said about an 
>acid test, so you do not put in rocks that could release harmful 
>chemicals, or lime rocks.  What type of acid is okay?  Vinegar?  Thanks!
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