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Re: Peat softening water


> From: "Ron Barter" <mistnfrost at perth_igs.net>
>  Subject: Peat softening water
>  Can anyone tell me, in relatively simple terms, how filtering water in peat
>  moss lowers the hardness of the water?  It's fairly obvious to me that the
>  addition of humic acid from the peat would lower the pH, but how is it
>  effecting the change in the hardness? My only guess is that it acts as some
>  sort of a natural ion exchange resin, but I'm only guessing.  And will
>  running the amber coloured result of the process through carbon make the
>  water clear afterwards? 
>  Enquiring minds want to know....

It basically comes to a chemical equation were acid +base = salt + water
The acid is found in the peat and the base is the KH of the water.  Hope 
this helps without going into great detail.