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After a long search, I have found a heater with 
a digital LCD temperature display inside the tube.

It is a Taam Rio LCD heater. None of the aquarium 
catalogs (Pet Warehouse...) have it, I found it at 
a reptile mail order supply company, www.herpsupplies.com.
It is on sale for $25 for the rest of the month.

The display is backlit with a soft green light.
The display is a little hard to read, your eyes
have to be at the correct angle to see the display
sharply. The display is two digits, and the size of OK.
The tube is sort of big in diameter, around
the size of a Rena Cal Excel heater. The temperature
probe is on a 8in cable. The temperature is set by
a button on top. The top can be above the water
line. Setting the heater to 76F, it goes on at 74F.
The heating portion of the tube has a decorative pattern
on it, providing some camouflage.

Overall the heater well built and heavy duty.

Sherlock Wong