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Bumble bee shrimp in Florida

Although I don't have availability or cost info. I do know that the ones
I bought up here in Vancouver were shipped in from from Florida...so the
source is there somewhere.
The dozen I introduced into my 120 about a year ago have flourished to
no end!!
My last count across the front of the tank was 70!!! I can not see into
the back half of one side of the tank so my guess is that there is way
more than 70 in there. They are obviously enjoying my water conditions.
At one point towards the end of last summer they all dissapeared,there
didn't seem to be that many inthe tank at the time ,and i had thought
that the clown loaches had had there way with them, not so, by november
they showed up again.....in numbers ! Now they are everywhere!! They are
coexisting with some cardina japonica wich are probably 4 times the
size,excellent little scavengers.
I found a japannese page about them ,but can't seem to get into it
anymore,dunno what happened there? It referred to them as chrystal red
shrimp,they looked exactly the same as what I purchased as bumble bee
Good luck with your search!!

Van. B.C