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Re:Algea or Jr. Java Moss

Drake wrote:
>>become aware of a tough, olive green, hair like plant growing (and
choking) his Liliopis.<<

Drake, you're not alone. I have a huge patch of Java moss that I've 
watched the same thing happen to. For six months, it was the 
greenest, lushest looking plant, and it still is, kinda. But the same 
crap started growing in it ~1 month ago. And growing is an 
understatement, it's more like multiplying!! I've monitored certain 
strands over a day or two period, and it is incredible how fast that 
stuff grows. It gets all intertwined in the moss, gets tangled around 
my stem plants, and, hell, there's even a couple of half inch strands 
growing on one of my snails! It forms a base sometimes on individual 
moss stands that many "vericose veins" (that's what it resembles 
sometimes because of the brachiations) grow out from. I have to 
remove the strand to get rid of it, it won't tear loose. I sat with a 
pair of long hemostats the other night and picked and pulled half a 
handful of that "vein algae" out. Most of the time it grows without 
attaching to anything, so it pulls right out, with some careful 
coaxing. What's the name of this stuff? Anyone? I at least want to 
know what I'm cussing at!! My four Otos and single SAE don't seem to 
touch it. They graze right over it. Weird.

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