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de-threading or tapestry?

jlemons wrote: 
> Too bad...  as it makes it harder to follow and search for in the archives...
> > From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
> > Despite Steve's plea to the contrary, I'm going to combine a number of
> > responses into a single letter.  Just too many, and too many that I'd
> > rather not see extended to a sustained thread.

Actually Roger has a valid reason for combining. He is de-threading,
that is making it difficult for the thread to continue since it is
already an overly long thread. Actually it is many long threads combined
into a single interwoven bit (a tapestry?)

And here, what I am doing, is cross stitching! Adding new and totally
unrelated commentary into an already inane discussion soley for the
purpose of distraction. (to divert your attention away from some
supposedly critical issue)

Elvis ;-)

PS its late and the cold remedies have begun to affect my brain waves.
PPS did you know that rum is an effective cough suppressant???