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cost of RO vs boiling water

George wrote:
> >If
> >you boil the water, do you get heavy precipitation? This is one way to
> >remove carbonate hardness that is cheaper than RO. Boil the water!
> Surely, you are either jesting and forgot your patented, undeciperable
> "smiley"  or you are posting late at night and are dazed. Do you have any
> idea of the energy costs involved in boiling enough water for typical water
> changes? 

I was wondering if anybody was going to catch me on that one. It was
indeed late at night. ;-) For RO to be cheaper, you need to amortize the
initial costs.

Never one to give up too easily, if the energy source is cheap (such as
sunlight on a black surface), you can get the temperature of the water
high enough to precipitate CaCO3. If the energy you are investing in
heating the water is also being used to heat your home (as in Canada and
Colorado in the winter), ALL of that heat can be recovered and used!!

So you either live where its HOT and SUNNY and you have a free source of
energy (sunlight) or you live where its COLD and WINTERY and you can
recycle the heat energy you use to de-calcify your water. Or if you live
where I do, you have to figure out a way to get the darn stuff to
dissolve INTO the water because its way too soft!

Steve Pushak       - "think laterally"!!