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Re: growth limits

Roger talked about using lower light intensity to avoid problems with
nutrient deficiency symptoms. I would add that at lower light levels,
you might have fewer algae problems (no guarantees).

To corroborate his observation, I recently visited a friend's house in
North Vancouver who had a 75 gallon 4 foot aquarium that was well
planted and attractive with only a SINGLE 4' fluorescent tube (an
Ultralume if I recall). The plants which he was growing were all "low
light" plants including Java Fern, Anubias and several types of Sword
plants. There were no true "high light" plants but there were a few that
are often considered medium. I'm pretty sure that I remember seeing
Bacopa growing nicely in there.

His substrate was plain gravel with about 3 years of fish mulm worked
in. He regularly gravel washes the exposed parts of the substrate too.
And of course, there was no CO2 addition. I don't think he did any
mineral or fertilizer additions except for regular water changes.
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