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Ottos spawning!!

Guess what everyone!

My ottos (2) are spawning!!!  Has anyone here ever had experience with
this event?  It was amazing, and they're still at it (at last I
checked).  The fish tank is a 10 gallon, heavily planted with cabomba
and some crypts, pH is 7, medium hardness, tankmates include 5 rasboras,
and 4 cories.  It's about an half an hour before the lights turn off
right now.

The larger one, the female, would sit or be upside down on (or below) a
leaf, they seemed to like the green wendtii.  Then the male would come,
and they'd embrace.  They grabbed each of their side/lower-fins (sorry
for the bad terminology) with their suckers, and then would hold still
for about 5-6 seconds.  Then the female would move about some, and the
male would be below her shaking.  This went on for about an hour, and
it's still happening.  I checked the sites where this happened, but I
couldn't find any eggs.

The books I have describing ottos simply state that they spawn like cory
cats, and the eggs are small.  Great help, eh?  If anyone has spawned
them before, HELP!!!


This couple have been in this fish tank for some time now.  If I should
try to spawn them again, would it be okay to move them to a 5.5 gal