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Calculations OK?


I managed to get hold of a UK based product by the name of LIBREL.
It is a chelated trace element mix consisting of
1.7%   Cu
3.35%  Fe
1.70%  Mn
0.60%  Zn
0.875% B
0.023% Mo

The stuff is nicely package in a 1 kg pack (smallest). However, since
the nutrients ratio are non-identical to that of PMDD's recipe, I need
some helping hand to confirm whether my calculations are correct.

1) Dissolving 1 gram of LIBREL in 1000 litre of water will give a
concentration of Fe = 0.035 ppm

2) In the Sears-Conlin paper at
under RECOMMENDATIONS paragraph four item 2:
the ratio of Mg to Fe was recommended at 1.5-5.0ppm Mg  to 1ppm Fe.

Under APPENDIX A - FERTILIZER RECIPE (Poor Man's Dupla Drops) of 
9 grams of trace mix (7% Fe...) is supposed to be mixed with
14 grams K2S04
6g grams KNO3
33 grams MgSO4.7H2O

a) If the above stuff are mixed into 1000 litre of water,
we will get a concentration of Fe = 0.07 x 9 = 0.63 ppm

b) Dissolving 1 gm of MgSO4.7H2O into 1000 litre of water will produce
a concentration of Mg = 0.0987 ppm. 33 grams will produce 33 x 0.0987
= 3.2571ppm
Ratio of Mg to Fe = 3.2571 / 0.63 = 5.17
Therefore, 2) above is correct, IF and ONLY IF my calculations are OK :(

a)1 gram of LIBREL will produce a concentration of Fe = 0.035 ppm
to get 0.63ppm Fe, I need  0.63 / 0.035 = 18 grams of LIBREL

b) I think the volume of MgSO4, KNO3 and K2SO4 still remains. THEREFOR
I need: 
18 grams of LIBREL chelated trace element mix
14 grams K2SO4
6   grams KNO3
33 grams MgSO4.7H2O
300ml distilled water

Appreciate if somebody can endorse my calculations.

Thank you.

Daud Datu

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