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Algae or Jr. Java Moss

After lurking about this tremendous warehouse of knowledge, I finally have a

I have a large mat of Liliopis (sp?) growing in my tank, recently I have
become aware of a tough, olive green, hair like plant growing (and choking)
the Liliopis. The problem has come to a head as my whip tail catfish became
tangled in this weed and died. I have an SAE, 4 Ottos, Snails, and a Bristle
nose cat fish in the tank, but none of then seem to want to eat it. Except
for the Liliopis, algae in the tank is limited to the tough green spots on
the glass and old leaves.

So this makes we wonder, is the weed in my Liliopis Algea or is it new Java
Moss that has taken root in the grass?

Any help identifying this stuff would be appreciated so I can determine what
course of action to take in it's removal.

Drake Benak
dbenak at my-dejanews_com