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Chineese algae eaters

I've kept chineese algae eaters before. They do eat 
the green algae on the glass and rocks. Supposedly they
will attach to the sides of fish and eat their slime, although I've
never seen this happen. My main complaint is that they are sometimes
very hyperactive. I had one in a 10 gallon tank with a sand substrate.
I came home and all the plants were uprooted with a huge crater in the
middle, and I know it was the CAE, because I caught him later. In
larger tanks, they don't seem quite as spastic. They can get big. I've
had some grow 6" long. People say when they get that big they eat less
(or no) algae. They get kind of aggressive at that size, but I've used
them in cichlid tanks at that size. It seems like they were eating at
least some of the algae. I know that CAE will not eat hair algae. So,
I think the bottom line is that CAE are better than nothing, but
there's better alternatives. I'd definitely buy an Ottocinculus (aka
Otto) before an CAE. Ottos seem to be easier to find than SAE. 

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