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Vals not growing well on one side of tank

I've got one idea for this problem.  In my 33 gallon I've got Vals 
growing like mad.  No substrate fertilizer, very little fertilizer at 
all, 100 watts t8 and an unplugged undergravel filter.  

They won't multiply as fast if I don't plant them close together.  When 
I want them to multiply I take all the runners and the parent plant and 
replant them together.  It takes a week or two and then all at once they 
begin to send out strong, fast growing runners.

I had a slightly different case of the Val unpredictability, they grew 
for a year in a tank, and then one day decided to stop.  No change in 
stocking or anything, they got something through the water system they 
didn't like and that was the end of it in that tank.

Hope this is of some help,

Colin Anderson
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