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ballast GOOF!!

Hi all,
I guess I didn't do ALL the research I needed to. I called Advance 
and Motorola AFTER I asked the previous questions about ballasts. I 
was way off! F17T8 is not the same as F15T8, it seems F17 are 2 foot 
bulbs, while the F15 is 18". The guy at Advance said that an F17 
ballast won't run F15 bulbs. I don't know why I didn't pick that up 
to start with, now I'm back to square one. Both Motorola and Advance 
said they didn't carry an electronic ballast for F15's, except in a 
4-bulb configuration. MagneTek also doesn't carry any. Now, another 
question, does anyone know of a supplier for a F15T8 Electronic 
ballast? I've searched 'till I'm giddy (he-he) and I need some 
references IF there are any. I've barked up the wrong tree for 2 days 
now. Thanks.


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