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Re: Four Leafed Clover - Marsilea sp.

I don't know which species I have, but it also tends to grow single lobed
leaves. About 1 out of 20 leaves will be 3 or 4 lobed.  It had 3" petioles
at first but now grows only about 1" tall.  It spreads faster if you cut it
up into numerous runners after it gets going, otherwise it tends to grow one
runner from one end of the tank and back.  Mine is under MH light at 3 watts
per gallon (please don't make me convert this to PAR, lumens, candela, or
equivalent blue full moons) and grows in all but the darkest areas of the
substrate.  At the front of the tank it has formed a very nice carpet.  Our
water is moderately hard and the LFS reports that other aquarists here have
trouble with glosso, so marsilea is a nice alternative if you have harder

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas.....soon to be the District of Travis if the idiots in our
legislature have their way.