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Magnetic ballast (instant vs rapid)

Hi all,
I'm currently redoing my hood assembly. I use 2-18" 15watt bulbs with 
the old magnetic ballasts. I now have one ballast per bulb, making 
for a lot of wasted energy and a lot of wiring. I decided to go with 
an electronic ballast to run both bulbs. I did my research and found 
three different choices.  (Motorola Rapid Start T8 : 
M2-RN-T8-1LL-120,  Motorola Instant Start T8 : M2-IN-T8-120, and 
Advance : REL-4P32-RH-TP)  I was wondering if anyone has any 
experience with any of these.  Also, is there any significant 
differences between the instant and rapid starts. It seems the 
instant starters produce more lumens/watt, but with a reduction in 
lamp life, which is ok, I change every 6 months.. The Advance seemed 
to have a much higher Ballast factor (1.00 vs 0.875 for Motorola). I 
think the Advance in for a 3 bulb config. and was wondering if it 
would work with 2. Advance doesn't sell 2 bulb T8 electronic 
ballasts, only 3. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also, 
here's a neat link to all those interested in upgrading lights. 


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