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Pleco food

Tim wrote:
I bought a clown pleco on the advice from a LFS owner who has some and 
"they never ate her plants".  For several  weeks everything was fine in 
my heavily planted tank.  Then I noticed that my very beautiful red 
radican had several leaves that were skeletonized.  I watched for a 
couple of days and caught the pleco in the act.  Needless to say, he is 
in another tank and awaiting my next visit to a LFS where I can unload 
Anticipating the questions, Yes there was driftwood and algae inthe tank 
for him to eat, and no I still haven't found any SAEs in any of the LFS.

	Tim, If you keep starving your pleco it will keep eating
	your plants! Give the poor thing some food! Zuchinni, cucumber,
	spirulina, sinking wafers, etc.

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