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C02 or no?

Dear plant people,

I currently have a planted 29 gal. and am considering adding a high pressure
CO2 system. I have my own 20# tank and was considering purchasing the
regulator setup that Dave Gomberg sells. Here in Seattle we are blessed with
very soft water ( < 1 dch) and a ph of between 6.6 and 7.0. I have always
gotten pretty good growth from most of my plants but would like even more.
What i am wondering is how should i go about adding CO2 fertilization so as
to cause the least shock to both my plants ( bacopa, hemianthus,
althernantha, no crypts) and animals ( elepant-nose, several yamato shrimp,
and some red spot copeina). I was thinking about gradually raising the
hardness to 5 dch over a couple of days (weeks?) then slowly adding the CO2
until i get the desired ph/hardness/CO2 level. Has anyone out there done
this to an established tank ? What were the results/ side effects? Do i even
need CO2 considering the water i have now. Any info/ tales of woe would be
greatly appreciated.

Tank specs

29 gal.

77- 79 F

2-24" day bulbs and 1-24" actinic bulbs

75% Flourite 25% conga rock substrate weekly 5 gal water changes

recommended dosages of flourish and flourish iron alternating weekly