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Tiger barbs are algae eaters

I personally avoid fish that are "too common", at least by my measuring 
stick, but my roommate has a 20 gallon with 8 tiger barbs and a couple 
of tetras.  I've noticed a couple of times how much the tiger barbs will 
graze on algae on the side of the glass.  These fish get fed once a day 
(my roommate doesn't live at our apartment anymore, but maintains a 
small space when he visits on various weekends - which means I get to 
care for his fish).

I have recently gone trough a thread algae hell in my planted tank.  One 
day while I was trimming some pennywort that was heavily infected, I 
decided to conduct an experiment.  I threw the trimmings into his tank, 
as as soon as the barbs saw this plant with long, flowing threads of 
algae, they went at it.  They had this plant's algae down to nothing in 
two days.

Don't know if anyone else has observed this.  Kinda weird.

Kelly Beard, Team Allanti, Cat IV (on sabbatical)
President, Allanti Cycling Club
Innovative Computing Corporation

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