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Re : Boiling water

> From: ruddigar at home_com
> Subject: Boiling water
> I was always under the impression that boiling water would increase
> the hardness of the water (both DH and GH) because as the water is
> boiled, it evaporates.  Therefore, with less actual H2O molecules, the
> concentration of dissolves solids increases.

I'd say this is true.

>   The reason you get a precipitate when you boil the water is because
> the concentration of the DS becomes so high that it can no longer stay
> dissolved.
> Jason Miller

I don't believe it is because of the concentration. I think that
temperature is more important. Does any chemist care to comment? It is my
impression that the water loss is too small to be relevant.

But the main rule is that you only use the remaining water and
throw the precipitate away. By discarding the DS in a solid and very
concentrated form, you lower the DS concentration in the remaining water.

But how effective is this procedure?

Andy Den Tandt 
A.DenTandt   @   computer.org