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Re: MH Lighting/Ice Cap ballast

Tom Barr asked:

"Has anyone purchased the new electronic Metal Halide  Ice Cap ballast on
the APD ?   ::snip:: "

I bought an IceCap with a 175 watt 10,000K bulb because the higher kelvin
bulb suposedly had a higher PAR rating.  The plants didn't like the blue
light so I switched to a 5500K bulb.  It was WAY too yellow after seeing the
blue/white light of the previous bulb, so I switched again to a 6500K
Coralife.  This is a happy medium in terms of color rendition and plant
growth.  Throughout all three bulbs, the IceCap produced an annoying flicker
at odd times of the day.  I downgraded to a coil/capacitor ballast and am
very happy with the end results of all that experimentation.  If I ever do
another tank, I'd go with an 6500K Iwasaki 250 watt standard ballast.

Tom Wood