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Oyster Shell

I appreciate showing the error of my ways, while I sit here with "egg" on
my face. However, can I recover and explain <g>.

In my search for calcium deficiency on one of my planted tanks, I was
browsing the calcium supplements in the drug store. Noticing that most
of the ingredients on packages indicated calcium carbonate, I naturally
"assumed" that the FDA would surely insure correct labeling. So I chose
Natures Blend of Oyster Shell which listed only Calcium and Magnesium
with no, I repeat, no carbonates added. 

I know, I know, my mistake for this assumption. We all know what the 
term really means. Therefor, this past weekend I accomplished my own 
test, something I should have done earlier before I made the statement
that Oyster shell will increase only GH. Well guess what, this does contain
carbonates. I added 2 tablets to 1 gal of RO water. Their was little
in the GH levels, and the KH levels rose several degrees along with the pH
rise. Interesting that I could not detect this in my 135gal. Probably just
adding enough to make much of a difference.

So, I'll take a step back (and shut up) and think twice and insure that my 
statements are correct. 

However, my search continues for a calcium supplement that will in fact
increase GH and not KH. Any suggestions anyone. Be careful, I will perform
the test.....

Dave Lorenzen