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pH problems w/ CO2 injection - Advice please!

Hi All,
      My DIY CO2 injection has been going steady for a couple days now and the
plants are thriving(can already see difference!), but as a result, the pH
has dropped from 6.5 to the 6.0-6.2 range. The hardness is roughly
30ppm(sorry that's all my test kit reads). Will it go down any more? What
should I do about water changes so as to not stress the fish? And,
is this drop dangerous to my fish? I have:
4 juvinile kribs
2 speckled cories
2 SAEs
2 ottos
all in a 20G high(24x12x16)
I'm running the CO2 through a powerhead for really good mixing, but I'm
also running a bubble filter for some surface agitation. There is a glass
top (mostly) covering the entire tank. Please help if you know anything
about pH tolerences for these fish. they all seem to be doing great, but I
was wondering if I can expect a bigger drop in which case maybe that would be 
harmful? Thanks for any input.
Ryan --