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Re: lighting small tanks, watts per gallon rule?

One of the things that really bugs me is spectral charts for individual lamps.
They never have any meaningful units so you cannot use them to compare one lamp
against another. If manufacturers would simply publish charts plotting watts or
lumens or einsteins/m2 versus frequency one could easily determine what lamp
produces the most PAR. Then we could have a formula of PAR/gallon. I can't even
get meaningful information on lamps that are specifically designed for aquarium

>But with the high variablity in lumens per watt these days, that still doesn't
>really tell us anything.  I've tried to start a thread that deals effectively
>with this particular issue, but the responses I have gotten have been vague at
>best.  Can somebody define this rule-of-thumb in lumens per gallon or  per
>sqquare foot?  Yes, PAR would be eeven more effective still, but that is hard
>to detirmine based on the available info for the different types of bulbs.

>Bob Dixon