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Iron testing

James Purchase wrote:

>That being said, (and I'll just bet I'll be flame bait for the next month -
>heck, the list was getting boring anyway, a lot of people must be gearing up
>for the Amazon trip), 

Yup.  Dave's already gone, the rest of us leave soon.  I won't be posting
(or even reading) beyond this evening, and I have to admit, the list has
not been my top priority for the last week or two.<g>  I've got my
rainwater tanks set up and running in preparation for my return, however!<g>

>It is my experience, in _that_ tank, that if I
>can produce even a hint of a color change on a Seachem Iron test (much below
>the measured range of the test kit), there is enough Iron in the water.

That's how I do it.  Watch your plants.  They'll tell you if they need more.