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Re: Too much CO2

I have a heavily planted Five gal. thank with DIY CO2.  In it are a
male Apisto. cacatuoides and a bristle nose pleco.  they are both doing
fine.  Admittedly, I do not perform any tests on the tank, I just do a
weekly water change with peat filtered water.  
  The tank is lighted by indirect and direct sunlight (depending on time
of day).  I only use a powerhead with a small sponge prefilter to
circulate the water.  Temp is kept at about 78 - 82 F.
  The only problem I had with DIY CO 2 on this tank was when I first set
up the CO2, it foams a lot and can pollute the tank.  Now I use a larger
bottle (4L) and fill it 3/4 and have no worries about yeast foam leaking
into my tank.

  I would go ahead and add CO2 to your tank.  Your plants will love it,
and they will bubble if the light is bright enough.

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB
(780) 464-9635

Ron Barter wrote:
> Does anybody else have any experience with a similar 2
> liter yeast generator and a 10 gallon or other small tank?