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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #905

>Although, I have read that bristle nose plecos eat plant material, I
>have yet to see it in my planted twenty gal.  It has both a bristle nose
>pleco and a clown pleco, and no damage to the plants.  I do have bristle
>nose plecos in other tanks, but there are only tough plants in with them
>(i.e. Java fern, Val, Sag, Java moss).

I bought a clown pleco on the advice from a LFS owner who has some and 
"they never ate her plants".  For several  weeks everything was fine in 
my heavily planted tank.  Then I noticed that my very beautiful red 
radican had several leaves that were skeletonized.  I watched for a 
couple of days and caught the pleco in the act.  Needless to say, he is 
in another tank and awaiting my next visit to a LFS where I can unload 
Anticipating the questions, Yes there was driftwood and algae inthe tank 
for him to eat, and no I still haven't found any SAEs in any of the LFS.