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Re: Lighting

In a message dated 3/14/1999 2:54:09 AM Central Standard Time, IDMiamiBob

>  Can somebody define this rule-of-thumb in lumens per gallon or  per
>  sqquare foot?  Yes, PAR would be eeven more effective still, but that is 
> hard
>  to detirmine based on the available info for the different types of bulbs.

I will agree that lumens per volume does make better sense.  However there
are still many variables that need to considered.  Light bulbs loose lumens
age.  Different light bulbs produce there lumens at different wave lengths.  
Different plants need different light requirements both wave lengths and
Different concentrations of CO2 and fertilizers will create different lighting

The best system I have found is starting with a good florescent mixture (Croma
and either Ultra Daylight or Plant and Aquarium) at about 2 Watts per gallon. 
Than after several weeks using a 10 hour on 14 hour off cycle adjusting the
to the way things are growing in the aquarium. The adjustment can be extending
the time or adding additional bulbs.