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re: IceCap MH Ballasts

Hi Tom,

Richard Harker did a review on the IceCap MH ballasts (www.icecapinc.com)
in Aquarium Frontiers On-Line Magazine a couple months back (April 98' I
think) (www.aquariumfrontiers.com).  If I remember correctly, he found that
they used the same amount of electricity than the normal tar ballasts.  He
also found that they do run cooler & they give more intense light than
normal ballasts.  Each IceCap ballasts is 'tuned' to a specific type of
bulb (US MH, Iwasaki Japanese MH) and if you want to change to a different
bulb you must send it back to IceCap for it to be tuned.  These ballasts
are still in the first generation and they are having some problems with
the Iwasaki ballasts with flickering (something about a 'nipple' on the MH
bulb that is pointed wrong).

If you want to DIY PC lights try this page, Troy Brightbill's Reef page at
www.reefs.org/ops/tb/index.html.  He has plans for DIY PC's that will be
cheaper than the IceCap Ballast.

I hope this helps.

Victor Eng					Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
engfam at axionet_com