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Re: excess CO2

In a message dated 3/13/1999 2:52:37 PM Central Standard Time, Aquatic-Plants-
Ron Barter  writes:

> Which brings me to my question: the CO2 is bringing the pH down to around
>  6.4-6.6, which according to my charts and calculations, means the CO2 is up
>  around 165ppm! 

Ron also mentioned in his post that his water was 14dKH.  
My thoughts are perhaps that Ron does not have an actual 165 ppm of CO2.
There could be other chemicals acting in the water which could be effecting
pH reading as well as the CO2.  It is my understanding that CO2 levels above
30ppm do not help the plants any more, and that at levels over 40ppm few 
fish can survive.  

My case I have natural water at 27dKH and 8.4 pH.  With really injecting the
CO2 into my tank (only 55 gallons) I can only get it down to about 7.8pH.  
However if the CO2 is actually that high perhaps an air stone or two added
with normal air would help decrease the CO2 level.  The other option would be
to reduce the flow of CO2 with a better valve.