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MH Lighting/Ice Cap ballast

Has anyone purchased the new electronic Metal Halide  Ice Cap ballast on
the APD ? Ice Cap states that their ballast uses 20-30% less
electricty,burns the bulbs 20-50 degrees F cooler resulting in 20%
longer life and better color over the bulb life and and nice light
weight ballast , compared to the other MH systems.No heat from the
ballast due to being electronic. Exspensive but top of the line.Would
pay for it's self in bulb/electric/fans/cooling cost similarly to the
electronic ballast for Fluorescents.
Coralife makes a Solar system w/ a10k bulb for reefs but I'm not to keen
on Colarlife's stuff . I'm not sure if they would trade for a
5500k/6500k bulb either . The DMI reef pendant style systems look hard
to beat and they are cheaper for the 2 bulb systems than the Colarlife
   Ice Cap also makes a PC fluorescent ballast up to 110 watts (any bulb
combo) for about 69 $.
 If anyone has played with these please let me know.
Tom Barr        AGA / SFAS