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Re: Corrections

In APD #904 Karen Randall responded to my post about being "embarrassed". In
her post she said:

 "My post was not in any way meant to put you down or discourage you from
posting.  I believe people have a right to expect not to be personally
attacked, here or anywhere.  But I also think that people who have knowledge
that will correct an incorrect statement should not need to apologize for
making that correction, or be
worried about hurting people's feeling when they post a simple, impersonal
correction or clarification."

I, in no way, felt that you were personally attacking or putting me down in
any way, shape or form. My choice of terminology was just to create a little
levity. I was glad that you or anyone else would point out any inconsistencies
or irregularities of anything that I would post and hope everyone continues to
do so in the future. I have learned so much from the members of this digest
and look forward to learn even more. I have nothing but respect for every
member as I hope to gain just a little bit of the combined knowledge that
comprises this list.  I will continue to participate with  the group in the
future as I feel one can learn faster and comprehend better if involved and
not just a bystander. In the quest to find an answer to any given problem,
even if you do not find that answer, we learn so much along the way.

When corrections or clarifications are offered to further knowledge, apologies
are never necessary. "Thank you very much" should be the order of the day.

Tom Bates
Allentown, PA