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Marsilea quadrifolia vs.Marsilea crenata

Please bear with me for a moment:
James Purchase wrote the following;
> "Marsilea - this is a genus of amphibious ferns, similar to Pillularia and
> Regnellidium.  There are about 65 species with creeping rhizomes which
> in the reproductive process.  Very few of these species can be kept in an
> aquarium; exceptions are Marsilea crenata, M. drummondii, M. exarata and,
> less frequently, M. quadrifolia, though none of these is easy to maintain.
>These various species can only be told apart by their immersed form [???]
> and their spores.
That is not completely true.  One way you can tell them apart is by how hard
they are to keep alive.  There are some other differences but they seem to be
minor.  Just a little more patience please.
Then you wrote:
>I have had great success growing 'Marsilea crenata in my 100 gallon show
>tank as carpeting foreground plant, for over a year with little effort.
'Marsilea crenata' being the key phrase here and not 'Marsilea quadrifolia'
that the original question was asked about.  While the places you listed do
sell 'Marsilea crenata', none of them do sell 'Marsilea quadrifolia'.  I hope
this clears up any confusion I may have inadvertently caused, James

James Watford
Columbia, SC