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Re:bristle nose catfish, (ancistres, sp.?)

Although, I have read that bristle nose plecos eat plant material, I
have yet to see it in my planted twenty gal.  It has both a bristle nose
pleco and a clown pleco, and no damage to the plants.  I do have bristle
nose plecos in other tanks, but there are only tough plants in with them
(i.e. Java fern, Val, Sag, Java moss).
  They don't do a great job on spot algae that occurs on the glass in my
twenty gal, or in my parents twenty-five gal, but in my fifteen gal,
there is no algae at all.
  I hope this info helps (I got a lot of info from the catfish list on
breeding these guys)

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB
(780) 464-9635