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Is there anyone out there who's grown either Lilaeopsis 
novae-zealandiae, or Brasilensis successfully.  What contributed to your 

I attempted to grow Brasilensis, it grew and expanded for a short time, 
and then has just faded away.  Today, Lilaeopsis novae-zealandiae was 
available for under 3 bucks a pot so I thought I'd give a couple a try.  
Tropica says novae-zealandiae is tougher to grow that brasilensis, is 
this so?

I've got moderately hard water (~250ppm), no CO2 @ the moment, 84 deg F, 
a little laterite in the substrate, tropica mastergrow once a week, and 
100 watts of 4500k t8 light over a 33 gal.  Any comments on my failure 
to grow brasil.?

Thanks for any help you may have to offer!

Colin Anderson
In 12 deg C Calgary!  (And that's a positive)
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