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RE: Inaccurate information and Oyster Shells

Dave G. recently made an observation...

>some of the information posted on this list is grossly inaccurate.

No kidding! But if you _really_ want to read strange info, go hang around
the rec.aquaria.plants Newsgroup. At least here you can generally depend
upon someone with the correct information coming forward to set the record
straight. I always appreciate it when something I write that is incorrect is
ammended by someone who knows more than I do.

In that same vein, thanks to Sherman for digging out the correct information
from Britannica concerning Oyster Shells...

Someone stated:

>> I add Calcium for my plants in the form of Oyster Shell which does
>> contain any carbonates. Therefor I am increasing GH and not KH.

I asked:

> This is a new one on me - what are Oyster shells made of?

Sherman kicked in with:

>From Encyclopaedia Britannica:
>        MOLLUSCA.  An important group of invertebrate animals...
>comprising such forms as... aquatic snails... (and) oysters...
>        The shell... consists in most cases of an organic matrix of
>conchyolin (an albuminoidal substance), impregnated with mineral
>salts.  The latter consist mainly of calcium carbonate, but small
>quantities of calcium phosphate and magnesium carbonate are also

I THOUGHT that they were mainly carbonates of calcium. Calcium Carbonate
(and Magnesium Carbonate) will increase BOTH GH and KH.

Go figure.

James Purchase