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Re: Four Leafed Clover

James Watford wrote:

>The 'Four Leafed Water Clover' seems to be the hardiest of all the water
>clovers I have ever seen.  It grows at a medium rate and seems to tolerate
>most water conditions and temperatures fairly well.  The plants only
>6-8 inches tall, but is very noticeable in a planted aquarium.  You should
>able to find it at: 'http://www.marylandaquatic.com/homema/html/marsqu.htm'
>for around six bucks or so.  Hope this helps! James

My new patch of the stuff ('tis the season, I suppose... the Aquarium Center
in Randallstown, MD got a bunch of it in, just in time for St. Patrick's
Day) is spreading quickly, but seems to prefer lower light.  Either that, or
there's some other reason it has spread most quickly right underneath the
biggest monster in my tank, an Aponogeton crispus.

I've only had it for about two weeks, and the 4" stems have all died (they
were already a little brown when I bought them), and are giving way to 1/2"
to 1" leaves, which seem to be mostly hand-shaped.  Four fingers, all going
in one direction.  I assume this is young growth, and they will grow taller
and spread out.

However, I talked with a friend who kept the plant (or perhaps a related
sp.?) and she said "yeah, it did that in my tank... and slowly four leaves
gave way to three leaves, then two leaves, then one leaf, and then I threw
it away."  Anyone seen this in action, who might have suggestions on why
this happened for her, or whether the shape of my new growth is typical?

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland