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iron test kits

Steve wrote:

>>Ivo asks about recommended dosages of chelated Fe. 0.02 ppm should be
>>adequate. 0.1 ppm is the lower limit for detection on test kits and may
>>actually be more than we need for good growth.

>>IMO, you are better off adding less trace nutrients and only when needed
>>than trying to maintain 0.1 ppm especially using test kits (which always
>>have the potential for error)

	I am sure many threads could be started about using iron supplementation,
the amounts, chealation, etc.... But I have a question about iron test kits.
	I am really curious about the test kit facts because I _was_ gung-ho about
starting a PMDD routine.  When I received my LaMotte test kit catalog, I
found that the iron test kit for .02ppm to .1ppm was around $80 for 50
reagents.  (I am sorry I don't have the part number and actual price; I
threw out the catalog before I rationalized the expense.)

	Doesn't LaMotte sell an Iron test kit with a range of .02 to .1ppm?  

	Or more pertinent to my hopes of trying PMDD, is there an effective way to
use PMDD without using an expensive (very subjective term) iron test kit?
I had read on the Krib about other inexpensive test kits that had mixed

	How about using an alternative test kit or no kit at all for?

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