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Tom Bates wrote:

>A few weeks ago I got spanked by Karen Randall on the info I posted on SAE
>identification, and rightly so. This made me a little gun shy, hence the

I'm sorry if you felt like you were being "spanked".  That was not my
intention.  You posted that the information came from a book, you did not
post it as if it were first hand "knowledge".  I corrected the
mis-information because I thought you, and others would be interested. (it
is not, incidentally, the only error in the Baensch Atlases, although
overall they are good resource books)  My post was not in any way meant to
put you down or discourage you from posting.  I believe people have a right
to expect not to be personally attacked, here or anywhere.  But I also
think that people who have knowledge that will correct an incorrect
statement should not need to appologize for making that correction, or be
worried about hurting people's feeling when they post a simple, impersonal
correction or clarification.  

We all make mistakes.  There's nothing worng with that, it's how we learn.
You will learn from this group if you do nothing but read.  You will learn
MORE from this group, as well as enjoy the good fellowship that pervades
this group if you participate.