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Another embarassment !!

While James Purchase was picking himself up off the floor, I was crawling into
a corner. 
On Thursday I responded to an inquiry in APD #900 on substrate depth. I had
remembered seeing a formula to figure this out in one of the many websites I
have bookmarked. I posted this formula in APD #901. While reading APD #901, I
saw in Christopher Coleman's post on  "CaCO3 supplementation in R/O water"
that Aquatic Concepts was George Booth's website. I knew right there I was
going to get slammed on the disclaimer statement at the end of my original
A few weeks ago I got spanked by Karen Randall on the info I posted on SAE
identification, and rightly so. This made me a little gun shy, hence the
I wish to apologize to Mr. Booth for any inference I made.

Tom Bates   -   with egg on my face
Allentown, PA