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Building KH and not GH in the aquarium

I use plain old baking soda (you know, the Arm & Hammer stuff).  Sodium 
bicarbonate.  1/4 tsp in 5 gallons of RO water gives you 4 dKH, At least 
according to my test kit (Aquarium Pharms).

People should use a certain amount of caution when purchasing aquarium 
goods - read the label.  I once bought a product by Mardel called 
"Buffer Up".  It came in a small bottle and cost $5 or something like 
that.  Guess what "Buffer Up" is - that's right, baking soda.  That's 
the only ingredient listed.  Now that I know that, I spend 35 cents or 
however a small box of generic brand baking soda costs.  I've seen other 
products with lofty names and it's the same stuff, just a lot more 

Kelly Beard, Team Allanti, Cat IV (on sabbatical)
President, Allanti Cycling Club
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