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Re: Substrate bubbles-good or bad?

"Bob/Georgia" <luna at mail2_nai.net> wrote:
> After many months of trial and error the plants in my aquarium are
> flourishing. During the last two weeks I notice fairly large bubbles being
> emitted from the substrate around many of my plants. Is this a good sign or
> bad?

Don't panic Bob. 

Usually its a sign of nitrate or ammonia being converted by bacteria to
nitrogen gas. I think this is typical of a substrate where a fertilizer
has been added or when there is some organic material like peat or soil
in the substrate.

If there is a "swampy" smell to the gas, there may also be some methane
gas and a little bit of methyl or ethyl mercaptan that gives the
characteristic smell.

If your plants are flourishing and growing well, they will be providing
oxygen into the substrate.

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