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Re: Fizzy sand

Bill Hamlin writes:

<snip>> I have read the comment, "test the sand by dropping it in vinegar",
>  times in many locations.  Wouldn't this just indicate the presence of
>  limestone?  And if so, with so many people adding calcium supplements,
>  would this not be one way of achieving this?  The "test" and the
>  comments that surround it, seem to be a blanket prohibition on 'fizzy'
>  sand.
>  Any comments on this? 

The two problems with carbonate-bearing substrates are:
1- You can't control the leaching rate, and when the carbonates are gone, then
you don't get the input you originally had.  This restricts your ability to
control levels.

2- As the carbonate level rises, it tends to force pH upward.  If you are
trying to maintain an specific pH, it gets hard to do.

Introducing specific quantities of calium, or even carbonates is fine when
done for a reason, but just because it's in the gravel is not a solid reason.

Bob Dixon